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How To Transform Yourself – 3 Tips


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One of the most incredible freedoms you have is the ability to change who you are and what you can do.  Everyone has this amazing power to transform themselves yet it is probably one of the least used powers today.  Most people have settled with who they are, what they have and what they have been able to accomplish.  They’ve quit pushing themselves.

By nature, most us resist change and would rather stick with the status quo.  But for those of you who want more, those that dream big and aren’t afraid of change, here are some tips and basic principals to be aware of.

90% of  transformation takes place in the mind

One of nature’s most incredible creatures is the butterfly.  It enters the cocoon a slow fat caterpillar and soon emerges a majestic and colorful butterfly with wings that can take it anywhere.  While we don’t have the capacity to physically morph into another being, we all have the incredible ability and freedom to transform our minds.

Your beliefs limit what you think is possible for your life and will drive much of what you do over the course of your life.  The types of goals you set, the sacrifices you make to achieve something big, the amount of money you earn and even the kinds of friends you have will all be influence by your beliefs.  The good news is you have the ability to influence and transform your beliefs, which will ultimately transform your life.


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Next time the Yankees play the Red Sox, look at the sold-out crowd and try to pick out the millionaires, the CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, accomplished authors, or the political power brokers.  You won’t be able to do it because much of what makes these individuals successful is what is in their minds.  Sure, some drive nicer cars, can afford better seats or fancier clothes, but if they were all dressed in the same sports attire and standing in the hotdog line next to you, you couldn’t tell them apart from anyone else.  The point is that success begins in the mind.


Transform these three areas to accelerate success

Your knowledge  

Depending on the goal you have set for yourself or the person you wish to become, you will need more knowledge that is specific to your goal.  In today’s world of readily available information, free online tutorials and countless universities, there is no longer the excuse of not knowing what you need to know.  Begin to focus on what you need to learn, seek out the information you need and see how quickly you will begin to transform your mind and confidence in what you can accomplish.  Never stop learning.

Your Habits

A large part of our day to day activity is done on autopilot and this is due to all of the engrained habits and routines we’ve accumulated over the years.  There are good habits and there are bad habits.  Determine which habits or routines would help you reach your aim and being to set those new habits in your life.  It is the cumulative effect of consistently working on establishing a good habit that produces miracles.  Tackle one at a time and slowly but surely, you will build a solid foundation of good habits that will transform your life.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

Your Skills  

Never say “I can’t do that” or “I’ve never been good at that”.  The truth is, you can learn just about any skill given the time and effort.  Learning more about effective techniques, setting aside time to practice and develop, committing to regular and consistent improvement & not fearing failure will all lead to you developing skills.  Focus on the skills you need to reach your goals and start with one.  Then over time, you can build on that and add new skills.  The most successful among us are the most skilled at something.



Commit to Life-long Development

Most people think personal growth and development stops when they finish school.  In today’s fast paced, ever-changing world, it is critical to stay ahead by constantly learning new skills and gaining new knowledge.  Be one of the few that will continue to improve throughout their lives.  Become obsessed with improvement and you can become anything you put your mind to.  No matter how long it takes or how hard it gets, it’s ultimately up to you.

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