The 4 Best Online Tools For Learning Anything Today


We live in an amazing age where you have the power to learn just about anything you can think of; all from the palm of your hand.  Knowledge IS Power and in today’s fast paced world we need to use the new ways of learning to keep our skills and knowledge up to date.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this online and most are affordable and efficient.  There is no shortage of information and the amount of new content being generated each day is staggering.   It’s easy to get information overload but we still have a responsibility to sort through it and learn continually.

I love learning new things and am a dedicated life-long learner.  Here some of the best mobile platforms for expanding your knowledge and to help you learn anything today:


Yes! The world’s second biggest search engine has information on anything you can imagine. It’s great for getting quick and brief info but if you want to teach yourself a more complex skill, you’ll spend a lot of time searching for and piecing together the collection of videos needed. You may not, it may not always have the latest information and the video quality may be an issue. Nevertheless, I use it almost daily and subscribe to many channels. Best free resource other than search engines.

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Online Learning Platforms

It seems like every day there are new platforms being introduced offering a variety of topics. I like these best for learning technical skills such as coding or for replacing the traditional hotel ballroom seminar setting. These sites usually have a free trial version but most are a paid subscription for full access. Here are just a few that I have used personally and really enjoyed.  Links to the sites provided:

  • Udemy – For Anything – Paid mini courses on everything and anything.  My favorite!
  • TeamTreehouse – Great for learning programming and design.  I’m a huge fan.
  • Coursera – Mostly free courses on anything but great for business, technology and sciences.
  • Kahn Academy – For Anything from basic math to high level sciences.
  • Udacity – Great for Technology and Sciences and supported by companies like Google.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest  

– Benjamin Franklin

Mobile Apps

Most of these learning platforms also have a mobile app counterpart but there are also a bunch of App-Only platforms that are great for learning.  One of my favorites is Duolingo, which is a free app for learning a new language.

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Books and Audio  

In addition to using these online and mobile platforms, some of the best time-tested ways to learn new information is through books and audio programs. In addition to my physical book library, I really enjoy using my iPad to read e-books or using my phone for listening to audio books on the Audible app. A great feature is that Audible lets you increase the speed in which the book is read to you.  This makes it really easy and fast to get through a book while doing something else, such as yard work or driving!

Kindle and iBooks

And finally there are Podcasts. You can find a podcast on any topic and there are many good ones out there. Do an online search for the best recommended podcasts on the topic you want to learn more about.

Whether you’re sitting on a plane, driving to work or relaxing by the pool, there are no more excuse for not being able to learn anything and also at your own pace.  You have the world’s information readily available to you and there are amazing tools to help you gain knowledge on any topic. Leverage these for your success and use them as a way to SHARK Belief Your Life!

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