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Habits and Routines rule our life.  This topic is covered often by most self-help books and the greatest teachers on the subject have pointed it out the power of habits repeatedly.  Tony Robbins refers to them as your daily rituals.  Jim Rohn and Napoleon Hill made good mention of successful habits in their books as well.  Apart from Beliefs, habits and routines have the most impact on our success and are a critical element of the SHARK Belief Philosophy.  Habits serve as the foundation that help us consistently make progress in the other areas.  Beliefs are critical because you need that mindset and internal belief that your success is not only possible but that you personally will achieve it, but habits are the day to day actions that make it reality.

Our habits and routines occupy such a large percentage of our lives that they will separate those that succeed from those that do not.  The good news is we can change our current habits as well as create new ones.  I dedicate an entire section of my book to area of habits.

Here are 5 of my favorite book that are almost entirely on the subject.  I say almost because even these books cover some of the other elements of SHARK Belief such as goals and beliefs.  However, if you want to dig deeper on the subject of establishing successful habits, these are the books to start with.

1. Mini Habits


I love the concept of mini-habits and how they make starting a new habit so easy it’s nearly impossible to fail.  If you can break it down to the point where it takes very little willpower to start, then you will do the action behind your new habit and almost always go beyond the minimum you set for yourself.  For example, say you want to make a habit of writing every day as you work towards your first book, then set a habit to write 50 words a day.  Everyone can write at least that many words and usually, when you get going, you’ll find yourself writing much more.  Mini habits are key to establishing new habits easily.

2. The Power Of Habits


This is the science behind why we set habit and how they ultimately control all aspects of our lives.  They have such control over our lives and if we can understand how they work then we can set habits that can support our goals and ultimately our success.

3. Superhuman By Habit


Our willpower is limited, yet we rely on it every day to get our tasks done. Even if we build willpower slowly over time, it’s never enough to reach all of our goals. The solution lies in habit creation, the method by which we transform hard tasks into easy ones, making them automatic and independent of our will power.  This is an excellent view on the power of habits and practical ways to instill new ones into our lives.  Not just theory but also good how to.

4. The Miracle Morning


This is really more about a routine and more specifically, a morning routine.  A large majority of the highly successful have a habit of waking up early.  But more than just getting up before others it’s what you do with that time.  This book shows you the power behind a powerful morning routine and makes a compelling case for why anyone seeking success should employ this success hack.  From personal experience, this is an amazing way to increase your productivity and an amazing way to start the day.

5. The Compound Effect


The power behind any habit is the compoud effect it has on your life as you repeat that same actions day in and day out.  Just like going to the gym for just one intense workout won’t really do a lot for your physique, a consistent exercise routine practiced over a period of time can literally transform your body.  The compound effect is about the power of consistency and habits for success.


Habits Rule Our Lives

There are many other great books on the subject but these are some of my recent favorites because they are easy to read, offer a good understanding of how to form and change habits, and provide practical tips to getting started.  The magic is in the consistency of forming a habit over time.  It eventually becomes automatic allowing you to make progress even when you don’t really feel like it.  Just like exercising, one day at the gym won’t do much but the cumulative effect over time is incredible.  Habits rule all of our lives and we must learn how they work and how we can use them to our advantage.  This is why Habits are one of the six critical elements to SHARK Belief.


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