The Six Rules For Success – # 2 Skills

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Success With Skills

Rule # 2 is about how you can achieve success with skills.  Skill acquisition is paramount to success because it’s often our skills, or lack thereof, that make the difference between winning and losing.  Skills are not the same as talent.  Too often people make the mistake of thinking that if they weren’t born “gifted” at something, then they can never be great.  That fallacy comes from the emphasis we place on star athletes, musicians or even historical greats such as Einstein and Mozart.  The problem is that we never see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Talent vs Skill

Just watch the Olympics and you’ll be amazed at the incredible abilities we mere mortals can develop.  Are these Olympians talented?  Absolutely!  But don’t make the mistake of thinking they were born that way.  We only see thirty seconds, or two minutes, or the final event that crowns a person The Best in the World.  We never see the years of pain and struggle.  We don’t see the sacrifice, the long hours of practice or the bumps and bruises that were required to transform these individuals from average into amazing.


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Keep Your Skills Fresh

The same holds true in the business world.  If you want success, you must begin to develop skills that are specific to your aim.  Will it take time?  Will it be hard?  Will you feel like you’re not good?  Yes, Yes, and Yes!  However, not only is it worth it, it’s necessary.  In a world where software and machines are replacing simple tasks previously done by people, its never been more important to keep you skills relevant and constantly be improving.  Challenge yourself to pick up new skills regularly.  Learn to code.  Take a public speaking course.  Hire a coach to keep you growing.  Once you know what your end goal is, the next step is to determine the types of skills you’ll need to be successful.  Pick one or two and hit it hard.  Stay consistent and push through the pain period.  Commit to learning and getting good at something new.

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It takes a lot to be successful. Focus, hard work, determination and key relationships are all common traits.  However, if you don’t have the skill-set required for your goals, then even all your passion and hard will leave you short of success.  It takes a lot more than just wanting it real bad.  Success with skills is one of the key traits that will separate you from the rest.