Aim – Do You Have a Target Goal?


The first step to success in anything is to define your desired aim.  You have to be clear about what you’re after.

What do you want to accomplish? What is your goal?

Without a definite chief aim, your efforts will be like a corked bottle lost in the sea. It tumbles and tosses with the waves drifting aimlessly never knowing where it’s headed or why.

Les Brown put it best when he said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you will end up somewhere else.”  Fundamental to all of Napoleon Hill’s teachings is the principal of deciding on your definite purpose.  Have a focus on your goal will let you concentrate your energy on that which really matters.  There are so many distractions today and it’s too easy to lose track of what we’re after and why.

“Until a man selects a definite purpose in life, he dissipates his energies and spreads his thoughts over so many subjects and in so many different directions that they lead not to power, but to indecision and weakness.”  – Napoleon Hill

It takes focus and clarity on what it is you want to accomplish.  Having a clear goal gives you power and purpose.  However, to maintain focus you must also say no occasionally.  Distractions will show up in the form of potential opportunities and unless you have a clear focus your aim, the temptation will through you off course.  The first step in the SHARK Belief process to clearly define your aim.

steve jobs deciding what not to do

“When a man does not know what harbor he is making for,

no wind is the right wind.”   – Seneca