What is SHARK Belief? (Infographic)

What is SHARK Belief?

If you’re looking for a quick overview of what SHARK Belief is, here is a short summary and an infographic that will help you understand the six elements for success.  When it comes to success advice, the teachings of all the greats like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins or Oprah will all include one or more of the same six topics.  They may refer to them by various names but essentially, the rules for success can be boiled down to these six areas and they form the easy to remember acronym SHARK Belief.  So what is SHARK Belief?

The six areas are: Skills, Habits, Aim, Relationships, Knowledge & Beliefs.

The goal of SHARK Belief is to help you understand these six principles and help you jumpstart your path to success.  Instead of wasting years trying to figure out the formula for success, you can start with this simple framework and get going on your goals right away.  The result of reading hundreds of books on success, countless biographies and endless articles is this summary that became the basis for The SHARK Belief Success Code.  It’s simple book that is packed with practical advice on how to start implementing the six elements.  Learn the SHARK Belief Success Code and take yourself to the next level of success in life!


what is shark belief infographic