What is the Best Book on Success?

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Every entrepreneur knows that reading books on personal development and business is critical to success.  The list of “must read” books is incredibly long and it can quickly get overwhelming.  As much as I enjoy reading a good book, I cant spend hours each day reading.  So what is the best book on success?  The key is to find the best books that will produce the most results while spending the least amount of time on digesting the material.

The Best Book on Success

There are so many books to choose from and depending on your particular need at the moment, you may need to focus on just one topic such as goal setting, habits or mindset.  When looking for the best books on success, there are famous titles that come to mind: Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success, Awaken the Giant Within, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The 10X Rule.

Over the past decade, I’ve read hundreds of books on personal development and success.  I’ve also read countless biographies on people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson.  I suddenly realized that all of these books were essentially saying the same things.  It didn’t matter if the book had been written by a rock-star entrepreneur, elite athlete or business guru, the same six rules for success continued to show up.

The SHARK Belief Success Code

It was exciting to make this discovery but when I looked for a modern and easy-to-read book that covered all six of the rules, I was disappointed.  I wanted to share this formula for success with others and this ultimately led me to writing of The SHARK Belief Success Code.  SHARK Belief is an acronym that makes it easy to remember the six rules for success and became the basis for my book.  The SHARK Belief Success Code teaches you what the six rules for success are and shows you how to implement them right away.  There is no need to spend months or years searching for the formula to success.  It’s perfect for anyone just starting out and also serves as an incredible playbook for life coaches or mentors.  Do you want to know what all those “must read” books on success are saying?  Then start here and get a jumpstart!

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The SHARK Belief Success Code book


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