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The Six Rules For Success – # 2 Skills

Success With Skills Rule # 2 is about how you can achieve success with skills.  Skill acquisition is paramount to success because it’s often our skills, or lack thereof, that make the difference between winning and losing.  Skills are not the same as talent.  Too often people make the mistake of thinking that if they weren’t […]

The Six Rules For Success – Rule #1 of 6

The Six Rules For Success – Rule #1 of 6 This is the first post in a series on the rules for success. Yes, there are specific elements or laws that you must follow to be successful! The good news is that these rules are quite simple and I’ll provide a quick overview of each […]

What is SHARK Belief? (Infographic)

What is SHARK Belief? If you’re looking for a quick overview of what SHARK Belief is, here is a short summary and an infographic that will help you understand the six elements for success.  When it comes to success advice, the teachings of all the greats like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins or Oprah will all include one or […]

What is the Best Book on Success?

  Every entrepreneur knows that reading books on personal development and business is critical to success.  The list of “must read” books is incredibly long and it can quickly get overwhelming.  As much as I enjoy reading a good book, I cant spend hours each day reading.  So what is the best book on success?  The […]


11 Insights on How to Improve Your People Skills

In every industry, it has proven that the most profitable skills to have, after the required technical skills, are good people skills. Whether you engage in professional networking on a regular basis or are just focused on building a small business, you are still going to need some critical interpersonal skills for building and maintaining […]

Top 10 Skills for Entrepreneurs

  The list of potential skills an entrepreneur is required to have can be incredibly long.  Most entrepreneurs wear a lot of different hats and may not be able to outsource all of the key activity that needs to take place when first starting out.  Whether you’re just getting starting or already running an established business, here […]

Wisdom From a Cyclist: Focus on Where You Want To Go

I have a couple of friends who are avid cyclists and ride their bikes almost every day. The first time they invited me to go mountain bike riding with them along the desert hills in sunny Arizona, my friend Ric was kind enough to give me some words of wisdom for the ride ahead. He […]

6 Things That Are Critical for Reaching Your Goals in 2016

  The New Year is always a time for us to reflect on last year’s accomplishments. Perhaps you had a banner year and couldn’t be happier with your results. Perhaps you started off strong but for one reason or another you fell short of your goals. I had some great accomplishments this year but like […]


5 Best Books On Habits

  Habits and Routines rule our life.  This topic is covered often by most self-help books and the greatest teachers on the subject have pointed it out the power of habits repeatedly.  Tony Robbins refers to them as your daily rituals.  Jim Rohn and Napoleon Hill made good mention of successful habits in their books as […]

3 Reasons Why WHO You Know Really Matters

    It’s staggering to think you are one of seven billion people alive today! Even more incredible is that you are a unique individual and there has never been nor ever will be anyone just like you. You have a unique combination of experiences, ambitions and social networks which ultimately form your life. It […]

Change Your Past, Predict The Future 

  Your Thought Pattern Have you ever stopped to consider what you spend the most time thinking about? Our thoughts are on autopilot most of the time, meaning we generally have the same thought patterns day in and day out. We tend to think about the same types of things, worry about the same problems […]

Why Habits Trump Willpower when it comes to Success

It’s a paradox.  Why are some things in life very simple, yet still very difficult to achieve?  For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you probably already know how to go about doing that.  Cut out certain bad foods, limit portions, and exercise regularly.   Simple right?  Then why is it so hard?!?! Here’s why:  Most […]

Arizona’s Ambitious Startup Scene

It’s never been a better time for Arizona-based startups. In just the past few years, the Phoenix Metro area has seen a positive shift in the local community’s support for technology startups and entrepreneurs reconnecting with each other. One big driver has been a notable increase in the number of incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces […]

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How To Transform Yourself – 3 Tips

  One of the most incredible freedoms you have is the ability to change who you are and what you can do.  Everyone has this amazing power to transform themselves yet it is probably one of the least used powers today.  Most people have settled with who they are, what they have and what they have been able to accomplish. […]

Is Knowledge Power?

Living in the Information Age means we have an unimaginable amount of information available to us at the touch of a button.  Even the vast libraries of 100 years ago pale in comparison with our access to online video tutorials, podcasts, e-books and countless mobile apps.  With sites such as Google, YouTube & Wikipedia, it’s easy […]

Why Skills are Better than Talent

  Is it better to have skills or talent?  No, they aren’t the same thing but if you had to choose one, you should choose skills. It’s love watching the Olympics. It’s incredible to see people push the boundaries of physical human potential and set new records. I love to watch live music performances and marvel at […]