4 Must Have Relationships for Success

DATE TAKEN: 6/10/98---Michael Jordan holds the MVP trophy and coach Phil Jackson holds the championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Jazz to win their 6th NBA title. ORG XMIT: WA254

DATE TAKEN: 6/10/98—Michael Jordan holds the MVP trophy and coach Phil Jackson holds the championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Jazz to win their 6th NBA title. ORG XMIT: WA254


No matter how good you are now or how good you want to be, everyone needs to have these 4 relationships to reach their full potential.  It is well known that successful people have a habit of surrounding themselves with others that are smarter, stronger, wiser, and more experienced than themselves.

1.  Mentor

Someone who’s been there before. Someone that has already achieved success and could share a little wisdom with you. You can have more than one mentor, but you must respect their time and let them do most of the talking. Even 5 minutes a week with the super-successful could be enough to change your life.

How to get a mentor? First identify a few potential candidates and find a way to contact them. Start small by asking a simple question or seeking advice on something. Ask for a follow up meeting/call and let it grow from there. Mentor relationships flow naturally and should not feel like an obligation for either side.

“There is no lack of KNOWLEDGE out there…

Just a shortage of asking for HELP.”

2.  Coach

A coach is different from a mentor in the sense that they don’t necessarily have to have the level of success or skill you want to achieve. However, the right coach will have the right tools and technique to get the most out of you, they will keep you accountable, ask you hard questions and make sure you are progressing.

A good coach will help you discover hidden strengths you didn’t know you had as well as point out limiting beliefs and developmental areas. Whether you are running a solo marathon, writing a book or starting the next Google, you will need a coach of some kind.  Like a personal training, most coaches are professionals so you may need to hire someone.   A mentor and coach can sometimes be the same person, but don’t have to be.

3.  Master Mind Group

Author Napoleon Hill first coined the term Master Mind and wrote extensively on the importance of working with others on your quest for success.

Find a group of like-minded individuals, a club, a support group or a MeetUp group. This could be your council or board of directors. Connect with these individuals regularly and share ideas, help each other stay motivated, solve problems, and even work together towards a common goal.

Diversity is good in a mastermind group and should have some varying levels of experience, skills & background.  It’s important that the group have a common purpose bringing everyone together. This is great way to make new friends and share your journey towards that goal.


Nap Hill Quote


4.  Mentee

There should always be someone else that you are helping.  Share your knowledge, help and give without expecting anything in return. It’s a part of life that what we give we often receive in return.

I have also found that one of the most effective ways to learn something is to try to teach it to someone else.  Start where you are at, with what you know, and share your experiences and knowledge with someone this is not as far along.  It could be as simple as recommending a book you enjoyed, making an introduction or sharing some inspiration with them.  Even sharing some lessons learned from a recent struggle or failure.


Remember, we ultimately will become like those we associate with so choose wisely.  Be deliberate on seeking out and connecting with others that will help you reach your full potential.

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