3 Roadblocks Keeping You From Success


If you’re familiar with SHARK Belief, then you already know that there are six critical elements needed to successfully map out your path to achievement.

However, your road to achievement may have roadblocks and they will prevent you from moving further, or even worse, will set you back.   You must be aware of them and take action to eliminate these 3 Roadblocks to reach your success:

1. Your ‘BUT’

No, I’m not talking about that anatomical location below your back! I’m talking about your “Yeah but” and your “I would but”. Your excuses!   When you talk about your goals, you may notice that creeping ‘but’ in your comments.

Had a temporary failure or setbacks? That’s okay. Learn from them and KEEP GOING! However, if you’re using your ‘but’ to justify why you can’t or haven’t done something, it’s nothing more than an excuse and a distraction. Instead, be thinking of “HOW” and “WHY” you can and should do it.   Remember, it’s our own limiting beliefs about what’s possible that hold us back, nothing more. Don’t use your but as an excuse to hide behind. Don’t let your but be a dream killer. Just get off your but and go take some action!

“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”

-Michael Jordan

2. Fear of Failure

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger has 6 rules for success and one of them is ‘Never be Afraid to Fail.’ The truth is, all successful people learn to fail effectively and will likely fail more often and more spectacularly than most people will ever experience. It’s not because they are reckless or great risk takers, but rather, they know that to succeed one must continually stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones and that the occasional failure is simply an opportunity to learn and become stronger.


If you’re not failing often, then you’re not trying hard enough!


Go outside of your comfort zone.  You only truly fail when you decide to give up, quit and stay down.

The fear of failure often leads to that deadly habit called Procrastination.

To overcome this roadblock, take these simple actions:

  • Learn more about what you want to accomplish: Lack of knowledge will lead to doubts.   Talk to those that have been down your road before and see that it’s possible. Search the web, read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos and immerse yourself. There is no excuse in this great age of easily accessible information.
  • Ignore the naysayers: Never listen to the simple-minded, the doubters and the unmotivated. You will be criticized for dreaming big and reaching high. You will be laughed at when you fall short. And when you ultimately succeed, you will be called lucky. The haters will always be there and they will get louder as you near success. Take it as a sign that you’re on the right track.
  • Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but so that you can become stronger. The greatest achievers all had mentors, coaches, support groups and partners that helped them succeed. Life’s too short to learn all the mistakes on your own, so learn from the insights and experiences of others. You’ll be amazed at the willingness of others to help you, if you just ask.

Like a child learning to take their first step, you too will fail your way to success. It’s nothing to fear. Just take action.


steve jobs perseverance success

3. Quitting too Soon

Do you feel like you have already given it your all? Do you give up at the first signs of trouble?  Sure, it’s wise to know when you must change course but there is a fine line between adjusting your direction and quitting altogether.

Quitting usually happens one of two ways:

#1.  The Big Blow Up – You reach the point where you’ve had enough, you suffer a devastating loss or you see no way around an obstacle. You decide that you’ve given it your best and very suddenly give up and quit.

#2.  The Slow Fade – Momentum starts to slow, you grow weary and inertia sets in. You don’t talk about your goals like you used to, you’ve stopped taking regular and consistent action. You have recently worked towards your goal half-heartedly.   Before you know it, time passes and your dream is but a distant memory because you have secretly given up.


Whether you admit it or not, you may have a habit of quitting to soon and it’s time to conquer this and take control. Next time you feel like quitting, remember the words below and give it all you have. Don’t be surprised when miracles start to happen.


Persevere in the face of difficulty. Carry on and go on. Keep at it, hammer away.  Be persistent, be determined.  Follow through and never take ‘no’ for an answer. Be tenacious, stand your ground, go the distance, stay the course and



SHARK Belief Your Life.

Take Action.

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