Change Your Past, Predict The Future 


Your Thought Pattern

Have you ever stopped to consider what you spend the most time thinking about? Our thoughts are on autopilot most of the time, meaning we generally have the same thought patterns day in and day out. We tend to think about the same types of things, worry about the same problems and rarely stop to break pattern. That is why I love seminars and personal development programs so much. They get you out of your element and produce thinking in new ways and about new possibilities.

Future/Past Ratio

One major differentiator between those that succeed and those that continue to struggle is their ratio between thinking about their past problems and regrets and thinking about future possibilities, opportunities and creating solutions. Simply put, the balance between past thinking versus future thinking is key.

The successful are heavily weighted to the future thinking side. They are always looking ahead, planning, dreaming up the future and taking action to realize their goals. The unsuccessful continue to wallow in past regret, find excuses for why things didn’t work out and feel sorry for themselves because of failures. Success begins in the mind and you need to control which side of the balance your mind will focus on.

Forget the Past

The past is extremely important if we can learn from it and apply it to the future. The past is wonderful if we revisit great memories and experiences that produce feelings of gratitude and satisfaction. But don’t be a slave to the past. You can’t change the past, you can only change your mind about it. Even better, you can just stop thinking about it altogether. Yes, the successful make time to reflect and evaluate their past. They assess their actions, results and adjust as needed. But they don’t do this every day. This is done periodically and with focus.

Create Your Future 

Because those that succeed are future thinkers, they spend considerable time writing their goals, planning their days/weeks, using visualization techniques and brainstorming solutions to current obstacles. It’s all about moving forward, making progress, chasing destiny. Live in the moment, dream about the future, focus on your goals. Spend very little time worrying about the past.

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